Walk forward with confidence

So I’m trying to get into the Advertising business, funnily enough as a Copywriter (so I suppose this may help me perfect my craft) I’ve been trying for around a year and a half to get out of the placement world and get my feet firmly in the door and towards a permanent job.

Recently I was in a situation where it came down to myself and another creative team. The agency could only hire one of us, and the other would be let go – unfortunately for me I was let go. Now loosing my job, first off I was filled with shame, a sense of doubt and uncertainty – I’ve been helped so much by my family to get here – moving to London and into a new apartment that I just felt shame creeping up on me. I’d let them down. For someone who looks to portray a confident and positive mentality I’d let myself down.

Did I really try hard enough? Could I have done more? And is this the industry for me? It’s nearly been two years and I’m yet to reach where I’d planned to be by now.

But as all this negativity found itself hovering over me – an underlying thought constantly outshone those doubts. That yes sure I took a chance and it didn’t pay off. But that doesn’t mean I’m done by any stretch of the imagination. I can’t always win, so I need to learn to celebrate the losses and learn from them.

I have no doubt that this is where I’m supposed to me, and I will reach the top and then I can begin to give back – give back to my family who helped me start this journey, give back to my family and spoil them and most recently give back to the woman that’s come into my life ‘W’ and give her the life she deserves… but I’ll get to her another time.

So I will be back and when that next agency comes knocking I will be ready, I’ll be more determined. Wild nights, drugs and alcohol will always be there so it’s time for me to put them aside and just focus on getting to where I want to be.

I need to move confidently forward to my dream, and no matter what comes in front of me, no matter if its fear or doubt, no matter the obstacle just keep going forward.

Everyone has a different path, some take longer to get there than others. I will get there and I’ll be sure to let you know when I do.


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